Ask a Counsellor

 10 Questions you must ask any treatment facility you call

  • Are they registered with the Department of Social Welfare?
  • Ask to see their practice number, and any certification
  • Check that they are using qualified staff i.e. social worker, psychologist, psychiatrist
  • Ask to see their daily and weekly programme
  • Find out how many beds they are licensed for or how many patients they can accommodate – big programmes mean less personal attention
  • Ask them what the centres aftercare plan is
  • Make an appointment and visit the centre to see the facilities for yourself
  • Find out what modalities of treatment they offer – if they only offer one, then reconsider your options
  • Find out if they follow the recommended list of client rights in an addiction recovery centre
  • Ask them what they will be doing for you, the family member, and if there will be any interactive and one on one intervention with you.

Question:  Do I really need help?

  • If you are reading this information, you probably are looking for help because things have gotten really crazy when you drink or use.
  • You might be using or drinking more than you intended to.
  • Your family members might be angry with you when you drink or use.
  • You may have started to neglect the activities you care about because of drink or drug use.
  • Perhaps you are unable to go to functions where you can’t drink or use your drug of choice.

If any of these points feel familiar then it might be time to have a chat to our counsellor.

The person I care about has just asked me for help.  What now?

  • We know that the right intervention = treatment success
  • Ask us if we can help you plan a treatment programme moving forward – even if you don’t book into Eden!

What is treatment?

  • A set time period where the person you care about commits him or herself to attend inpatient treatment (living at a facility for some time), or any other form of treatment such as:
    • Outpatient treatment
    • Counselling
    • Support meetings
    • Group Therapy
    • Consistent visits with a doctor or a psychiatrist 

Why is treatment so expensive?

Just like any health condition, treatment for alcoholism and addiction requires various interventions whilst in treatment like doctor visits or visits with a professional

Any treatment facility should employ a range of professionals who can help

Good treatment facilities provide catering based on a careful diet coordinated by a dietician

There should be a 24 hour nurses station, with doctors on call

Psychologists, social workers and addiction counsellors should be in attendance every day

Treatment should include different interventions such as Acudetox, art therapy and exercise

Unfortunately our health system will only pay for a small portion of the costs.


How do I get the person I care about into treatment?

Before you approach the person you care about, you must research substance abuse facts and be certain of what intervention means and how to go about it.  Intervention can be as simple as a caring telephone conversation, or a formally arranged meeting to discuss treatment options with someone who doesn’t want any help.  Arm yourself with information.  At Eden we pay special attention to this phase of treatment – intervening in a meaningful way.


substance abuse facts

For more information on substance abuse facts feel free to contact us today and book an assessment.