Treatment Duration

Almost half of the clients that were admitted to rehab over a 12 month period, completed 42 days of inpatient treatment.


Clients that opted for 4 weeks of rehab or less was based on financial constraints or medical aid limitation. Individuals progress through drug addiction treatment at various rates, so there is no pre-determined length of treatment. However, research has shown unequivocally that good outcomes are contingent on adequate treatment length.

Generally, for inpatient or outpatient treatment, participation for less than 90 days is of limited effectiveness, and treatment lasting significantly longer is recommended for maintaining positive outcomes.

Due to programme changes and standards for treatment success we have matched our programme duration to maximise the time we have for each client.  We no longer work with a 4 week treatment programme. The longer the client stays in treatment the more success they can expect.  Longer programmes allow for further intense individual work with the client.