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Acudetox – NADA Acupuncture Detox

Acudetox is just another word for acupuncture detoxification. It is a powerful and fast way to remove toxins from the human body. Eden Recovery Centre uses the NADA Acupuncture Detoxification Protocol (Acudetox) to assist clients in detoxing their bodies from harmful toxins such as narcotics, alcohol and other drugs. The Acudetox method is used by over 1500 treatment centres and 25000 specialists worldwide. This l method also assists clients going through the withdrawal process by easing the discomforts associated with it…

How it works:

As toxins enter the human body, organs such as the lungs, liver and kidneys become toxic. Unfortunately, toxicity results in unstable and dysfunctional brain chemistry. In order for addictive behaviour to change, people have to change the way they think. As the old recovery saying goes, “If you’re a drunken horse thief and you take away the booze, you’re still a horse thief” – i.e. it’s not enough to remove the mind altering substance from one’s diet, recovery is also about changing the way one thinks and what one thinks about. There is a chemical process involved in logic. The problem is that toxic organs cause the logical brain chemistry function to malfunction resulting in repetitive and self-destructive thinking and behaviour. Therefore a good detoxification method is essential for a successful addiction treatment program. If you feel you would like to discuss and understand a little more about drug detox at Eden we recommend you phone the manager on duty, or one of the Eden Counsellors.
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