Human Resources Drug and Alcohol Policy

Being the custodian, guardian and disciplinarian of your employees, it has become critical to be aware of external issues often influencing their performance. Substance abuse whether prescribed or not is taking a toll in today’s stressful work environments. Staff are under immense pressure to perform at work, sometimes having high debt, ongoing family expenses and FOMO that their friend just flew off to Thailand for three weeks.

Although some may reach out for help, a quick fix rendered for a few months is not always the right fix. With the legislation that employers intervene to find solutions to integrate these individuals back into the business you must be asking who can you reach out too?

We run an active proven patient program which has evolved through our primary and secondary addiction facilities here in Johannesburg. Our methods include personal engagement with employees who have dependencies and develop immediate intervention strategies to assist work performance and importantly, correcting behaviour.

Developing your Drug & Alcohol Policy

Eden Recovery & Rehabilitation Centre  will help your business assess the effects of alcohol and drug use by employees, and help you develop a comprehensive human resources drug and alcohol policy to deal with addiction in the workplace.

Areas we cover

  • Key Identifiers - What to look out for
  • Discovering and planning a path to intervention
  • Effective diet intervention
  • Amino Acid Therapy treatment (In Conjunction with the University of Potchefstroom)
  • Abuse affecting outcomes of day to day work performance
  • Abuse affecting the individual (Linking mental health issues to the dependency)
  • Mainstreaming and bringing the addict back into the workplace without stigma
  • Monitoring progress and rebuilding the path back to a great career
  • Understanding and mentorship