Inpatient means that the client will stay on the premises for the time periods applicable to our pogrammes.  We offer a 6 Week, an 8 Week and a 12 Week programme.  On admission, during the intake interview, the programme is explained to the client.

  • The client undergoes a medical examination and detoxification regime prescribed by the medical doctor and monitored by 24 hour nursing staff.
  • After the intake and medical assessment, the client is introduced to a buddy (a more senior resident) who will help orientate him/her into the programme and centre.
  • As soon as possible, the client will join the daily program.
  • Participation in the daily programme schedule, starts at 07H30 and finishes at 19h00 in the evening. At least five to six hours of this day is spent on group work.
  • The programme makes use of psychological and medical assessments by qualified staff, formulating a treatment plan with the client.
  • The treatment plan is reviewed on a weekly basis during the case management meeting.
  • Towards the end of treatment, a continuing care plan is drawn up between the treatment team and the client and any referral considered necessary is made.
  • During the first and last weeks of treatment, a family conference is held between the counsellor and the client’s significant other. The treatment plan is discussed in detail and progress and any special circumstances will be addressed.
  • Family members and friends are encouraged to attend the family discussion group.  We stay in touch regularly by different means of communication.
Drug And Alcohol Abuse