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“Thank you Eden for all the love and compassion bestowed upon me….”Thank you Eden for giving me back life. Sitting here, writing this, I have so much to be grateful for. But most of all, I am grateful for another sober day. I am grateful for Eden and the unique treatment that treated me. For the counsellors for being such wonderful people. For all the love and compassion bestowed on me. For the staff and all the truly wonderful people I met during my recovery – I am eternally grateful. Thank you for another sober day.

Drug Abuse

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We offer a comprehensive full-service rehab programme by a team of professionals that focus on the individual and adopting strong personal approach methodologies. Proven to be successful worldwide, these methods allow for in-depth assessments which will enable the counsellors to formulate a variety of treatment programmes that are perfectly suited to meet every individual’s addiction recovery needs. By giving each individual the attention they need we are able to move from treatment compliance to treatment engagement.

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