More than a detoxification unit

Eden Recovery Centre runs a 24 hour drug and alcohol detox unit run by 24 hour qualified nursing staff, Dr Wessels and our psychiatrist Dr Magubane.

Rehab usually begins with detoxification, the process of cleansing the drug from your body. Detox focuses on the physical aspect of addiction, such as withdrawal.

Suddenly quitting drugs and alcohol can lead to withdrawal symptoms, and withdrawal symptoms are both painful and dangerous. Through professional supervision and quality care, drug and alcohol detox ensures that the process of withdrawal is both as safe and as comfortable as possible.

Once the body is on the way to physical recovery, rehab begins.

Drug And Alcohol Detox

Our detox facility at Eden, contains safe rooms with transparent doors to make observation possible at all times, and we monitor our detox patients every 3 hours.  We focus our attention on each patient’s physical needs – nutrition, hygiene, rest, sleep, comfort and internal homeostasis.

“Our focus is more on the patient becoming part of the Eden family, than just on a clinical condition. I take time to do a proper holistic assessment: spirit, soul and body, during admission, to design an individual nursing care plan.  I believe that the power of your thoughts about yourself have a profound impact on your recovery”.

The safety of our patients is our priority.  Our admission process is thorough and detoxification is overseen by the doctor, the nurses and where necessary, our psychiatrist.  On admission we take a physical examination, past medical history and complete objective and subjective data collection.  We perform a urine drug test and a urine ward test.  Where applicable we also do HIV and pregnancy tests.

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