Natalie South Africa

“Thank you Eden for all the love and compassion bestowed upon me….”

Thank you Eden for giving me back life. Sitting here, writing this, I have so much to be grateful for. But most of all, I am grateful for another sober day. I am grateful for Eden and the unique treatment that treated me. For the councillors for being such wonderful people. For all the love and compassion bestowed on me. For the staff and all the truly wonderful people I met during my recovery – I am eternally grateful.

Thank you for another sober day.

Vincent Marais South Africa

“I am now part of the 1% of heroine recovering addicts…..”

My time at Eden has been wonderful. When I first came to Eden, I found myself a broken person in a beautiful place. My previous treatment centres painted a completely different picture about recovery – hence the reason for my scepticism. Within a few days of being in Eden, my view and opinions changed. I thought I knew everything there was to know about addiction. I was wrong. I realised how professional the staff at Eden were and how much I could benefit from them. With a willingness to change and an open-minded approach, my life started to improve every day. One of my assets in recovery was to submit to God, by trusting in the staff and surrendering to the programme. I have never felt so supported and inspired to fight the good fight against addiction. I’ve never experienced such a powerful sense of fellowship among patients. This made me feel like a human again. Being human to me is about having hope. For the first time in a long time I found peace within myself. Because of my time in Eden I am breaking my own records on the outside. I am now part of the 1% of heroine recovering addicts. I have been taught to find the balance between body, soul and spirit. I am a truer believer in Eden and the leadership here. I am more than thankful and grateful.

Toni G South Africa

When I sat at my computer and googled “Rehabilitation Centers” I had no idea what exactly I was looking for. I was a 43 year old woman, and I realized I had lost control over alcohol.  I knew I didn’t only need help to stop drinking, but I was in desperate need of counselling.  But I was embarrassed and somewhat arrogant about it. I didn’t want to go to a hostel-type environment where I would be surrounded by teenagers and I had to find a facility that was affordable. After looking at four Rehab Centers, a friend of mine suggested I investigate Eden Recovery Centre, as her sister had had huge success during her stay there and she spoke highly of the counsellors. As soon as I contacted Eden I felt that I was enveloped in care. From the moment I was admitted I felt that I could let go of all my worries and inhibitions. Everything was taken care of. Everyone from the medical personnel to the kitchen staff provided me with all I needed. The rooms are very comfortable and very unlike the boarding school arrangement I had feared. The counsellors where of the highest echelon with years of experience, being firm and caring at the same time.  I soon made friends with my fellow patients who were from all walks of life. I realized that everyone who comes in with an addiction, are essentially wonderful human beings. It didn’t take long to find the similarities we all share and it was wonderful to confide in and trust people once again. As much as recovery is deadly serious business we all shared many hearty laughs together. Eden follows the 12 step program which not only made me take a long hard look at myself but provided me with the tools I needed to face life again. Being open and honest was critical to my progress. It was gruelling work but exhilarating at the same time. The best part was that I rediscovered the power of my higher self and what my spirituality can bring into my life. An important lesson for me was to surrender.  By the time I left Eden I was ready to embrace the world again, with all its ups and downs. I knew I was no longer alone and even after leaving the centre, could seek help from Eden whenever I needed them. It’s truly a home away from home for me now. Someone told me I was very brave to check myself into a rehabilitation centre but it’s one of the best things I could have afforded myself and I am extremely grateful to all at Eden Recovery. Eden Recovery Centre was a God send and I reap the benefits every day of my life.

Unknown Johannesburg

To the awesome team at Eden Recovery Centre

When alcohol had finally broken me and I had lost the will to live, I managed to find the strength for one last cry for help.  The people who loved and cared for me heard my plea and immediately started to look for ways to ease my pain.

They had looked for the best treatment facility available and thankfully they found Eden Recovery Centre.  I never knew what to expect as this was my first attempt at recovery. Soon I would learn the beauty of Eden.

With an excellent complement of counsellors and lecturers who are experienced and knowledgeable with all steps of recovery, my journey had just begun. During my six weeks in treatment, I managed to discover the person who had been lost for such a long time.

I managed to find peace, courage and purpose in my life.  I also found laughter that came from my heart. I had finally found myself.

At Eden Recovery Centre I had met some of the most amazing people who were on a similar journey as me. I could finally relate with people who understood me. I was not alone. Through Eden, I have come to terms with who I am, and what I am. I am pleased at what I see and how I feel.

There are no more feelings of emptiness and despair, but feelings of joy and happiness. I have managed to regain the POWER to MANAGE my life SPIRITUALLY and emotionally.

I am happy to be alive.

No more tears.

GOD bless everyone at Eden Recovery Centre.

From a grateful recovering alcoholic.

Unknown South Africa

One night I came to realise that my life was a crisis and in a mess!

I am 23 years and I still do not understand what happened as we all look at a mirror at least daily, but I guess I probably looked into the mirror that night with different eyes and finally realised that I needed help, the person that reflected back at me scared the hell out of me.

The person that stared back at me had no normal qualities or self-worth left, i.e. dignity, self-respect, self-esteem, pride, confidence and a non-existent spiritual belief. That moment I reached out to a Power greater than me to save my life. I immediately approached my family and admitted that I had a drug addiction and that I was fooling myself thinking I had this; I was in no way, shape or form strong enough to control the addiction

With the help of people who believed in me and never gave up, they found Eden Recovery Centre and had me admitted within 4 days.

They say first impressions are lasting, The Eden Staff were caring, warm, and people who clearly knew when and where TLC or tough love was needed. Walking into Eden Recovery Centre I was consumed with mixed emotions and overwhelmed not knowing what to expect and what the outcome would be.

After a few days in detox, I was able to slowly release my fears and anxiety and was in a position to distinguish between my emotions, i.e. fear, sadness, anger, resentment and guilt, etc. with the help of Eden’s committed and dedicated Councillors.

Eden Recovery Centre – The Staff, techniques and facilities…you are amazing! Keep doing what you do and my prayers for you are that you will only grow from strength to strength to save more lives. You have indeed saved me and restored my relationship with my family and God.

God willing, your gifts you have shared with me, will follow me all the days of my life to stay on the straight and narrow. You made me believe that there is a Power greater than me that could restore me to sobriety.

I found my piece of heaven on earth forever, THANK YOU EDEN RECOVERY CENTRE!

R. Johannesburg
17 months clean!

From one of our Alumni – 17 months of recovery!

Hello… To everyone Reading this, in recovery, still struggling with addiction or looking for a rehabilitation centre for a loved one or yourself… My name is R. On 31st of December 2013 I arrived at Eden recovery center.. I was completely broken and ready to give up on life. I have struggled with addiction for many years.. when I entered Eden recovery I was truly at my rock bottom, broken and empty… Thanks to this fantastic recovery centre, wonderful staff and brilliant programme, I finally have my life back…. I never thought this would be possible!!! Eden was not the only rehabilitation centre I have been to but it IS the only one I have been too that showed me how to love and forgive myself, creating balance in my life by following the N.A programme… I am currently 17 months clean, I have left Johannesburg for a while and am living in another country. (another thing I would never have been able to do while in active addiction) and feeling fantastic!!! I completed 8 weeks at Eden recovery followed by 6 months at Deans halfway house (U turn) so I would like to thank ALL the wonderful staff at Eden!!! Recovery IS possible!!! I wish everyone happiness and love !!! ♡ ♡ ♡

Parent Johannesburg
Letter From A Parent

Hi Cecily

Hope all is well with everyone at Eden. We are doing very well.

I just felt that I wanted to thank-you very sincerely for the great young man that left Eden and is back home with us. Danie has never been in such a good space as he is now. For once in his life I think he is in control of his emotions and knows how to deal with situations. We are extremely proud of him, but we are aware of the fact that we still have to take baby steps and live “just for today”.

He is very committed to doing the 90 meetings in 90 days and even goes to a meeting during the Springbok games on Saturday afternoons. He started work yesterday and was really exhausted when he arrived back home. Ockie and I had to laugh as he said he would rather be back at Eden!!! Eden is really a great facility and we are so thankful for all the effort that was put into Danie’s recovery by Odette, Olivia and especially you. For believing in him and really giving him back his self-confidence.

I believe that God has great plans for him and thank you all for being a part thereof. We will still be seeing you on Sundays at the family meetings because one really needs that support and guidance from you guys, and I think if we say “Cecily says” it will definitely carry more weight!!

We also become fond of the other families we got to know at Eden, and it is always nice to hear how everyone else is doing. By involving the family so closely in the recovery and with Olivia’s sessions, it really assisted us all in the healing process. Eden has not only given Danie a new lease on life, but the entire family benefitted from it.

Thank you every single member of staff. You are really a dedicated team. God bless you all.

Unknown South Africa

A couple of months ago my own self-defeating learned bad behaviors got me into an addictions rehab in South Africa. I (of course) did not know this then for I was somebody who had a good career, someone from a ‘decent’ (or so perceived) background and somebody who appeared at face value to have the world at their fingertips, nothing could be more far from the truth…I genuinely did not realize that there was more to life than non-stop drug use, sex, being suicidal and having no interest in living..

I was a depressed, addicted, self-loathing, set in denial by my own fear based ignorant ways individual who simply could not understand why ‘my way of doing things’ just did not work…why when I work so hard and set out with just genuine intent (or not at times) did I always end up full of irritability, intensity, resentment, anger, sadness, loneliness and fear.

Why is the world so damn hard? Why am I even here? Why can’t I just take drugs every day and not join in with everyone else – this is who and what I was. Needless to say I hit rock bottom. Eden gave me, me again – is the long and short of it. They have a team of individuals who are so courageous, so insightful, intuitive and adept that they recognize/identify, cut open, dissect, stamp out, rewire and then heal all the thought processes, confusion, irritability, coiled consciousness, behaviour, poor conditioning, false belief systems, childhood feelings never dealt with but still apparent running rife in our everyday behaviour, warped psychology and general failed systems that got me into the mess of an individual and shadow of the man I am.

Eden taught me and trained me to stand up for my own beliefs and have my own voice, it taught me to not be ashamed of my feelings (no matter what they were) but that this is me and to accept it and stand by it. They showed me how to literally be me again without feeling guilty or for being concerned about ‘other people’. They taught me how to have boundaries and how to respect myself so that others do and they taught me how to identify my own personal needs and how to go about getting them met. Literally. They taught me this and gave me practical life tools I just did not have or knew existed…

I went to Eden Recovery Centre for one month followed by many meeting and some aftercare. I am now 40 days clean from drugs but more to the point I am now 40 days into a new life respecting myself and being authentic with the courage to stand by how I truly feel and how to respect who I truly am NOT what other people want me to be…

The time I spent at Eden was without doubt the most important time of my life and I am forever grateful to the team for not only saving the corpse I dragged around with me from day to day but for sending a voltage of light and strength through it bring me back to life.

Thank you AND ESPECIALLY ODDETTE AND CECILY!!!! You guys are God’s gift to life!

Danny South Africa

My Garden Of Eden

My name is Danny. I am 38 years old and I have used for about 14 years. Eden has been my fourth recovery centre and finally I have understood what recovery is about.

Eden has eventually taught me that I cannot do this alone. I have met so many good people in recovery but some of the best I have met at Eden. The activities and lectures have really paid off. I did not get treated like a number but like a person. I felt loved and cared for, I have been guided in a positive direction and I can proudly say I am 35 days clean today.

I felt great about my recovery and this is what I have wanted my whole life and ironically it has been in my face my whole life, I just have not used it until today. I thank Eden Recovery Centre for bringing peace in my life and allowing me to move forward in serenity.

Wife Johannesburg

Dear Eden Recovery

From the bottom of my heart we do not have enough words to say THANK YOU….. My husband arrived at your reception a broken man on the 03/02/2012 being on drugs for about 14 years we as a family have been through hell but decided we would try Eden as this was his 4th rehab admission but our lives have changed from that day on, thanks to you Eden Recovery and every single person who helped him through his time spent with you who took the time to help him as an individual and not as a number I will never have enough words to express the words to say thank you .

And a big thank you goes to Odette you are the most amazing and patient person I have ever encountered going from one place to another with my husband and Odette you always included myself and the children which I am eternally grateful for.

I am so proud of him as he is now 5 months clean, he’s working again and getting his life back on track and we are getting our lives back to normal I do understand there is a long road ahead but all I can say is thank you guys!

Unknown Johannesburg

Once upon a time, I was very down and depressed. I started experimenting with cocaine to help make me feel better, to suppress my appetite and to cope with life. Eight years later, my life had become so unmanageable that I couldn’t go a day without a drink or some form of drugs. I checked into an awesome recovery centre and now I’m proud to state that along with the amazing programme, I am fearless and clean!

Thank you Eden!

Faye South Africa

The 6 week time period that I have spent at Eden has been pretty much surreal. After 3 weeks, I started to sleep well which helped to create a feeling of well-being. Although my moods appear to be more stable – I nonetheless have to control my need to dwell in the past and want to curtail my stay at Eden. My counsellor, Cecily, has been indispensable to my recovery and has really been there for me when I want to wander off from the safe and narrow. Cecily has also taught me that miracles do, in fact, happen that I should, at all times, be grateful to my higher power and for making me consciously aware of this.

I wish to say a big word of thanks to all my lecturers for teaching me the tools for recovery, anger-management and relapse prevention. It is now up to me to implement these tools in my daily life. I am leaving Eden with a sense of pride and joy in my heart and, unfortunately, many kilos heavier than when I first arrived.

Eden, may God bless you and all the positive work which you do in helping people like myself, embark on an amazing journey of self-discovery.

Tons of Love

Kay Johannesburg

A Gift for Life

I’m 23 years old. The last 5 years of my life have been nothing short of a mess, with failed relationships, alcohol and drug abuse. I was on death’s doorstep and agreed to go to rehab. I chose Eden because it was quiet and tranquil, and it gave off a great vibe, which I needed to still the mess in my head. What proceeded was a lot of personal reflection, structured lectures enticing me to discover the root of my problems, group therapy and sharing time.

The time spent surrounded by the positive energy surrounding Eden saved my sanity. Eden operates with extremely well-trained staff. The staff encourage patients to take their life back into their own hands nudging us in the right direction especially when we started losing ourselves and our thoughts again.

I started off like a lost and confused child with a beehive in my head. With every day that passed the structured routine filled, healthy meals (eating is encouraged), lectures on how to express and deal with your emotions, reflecting on how you behaved during active addiction and a relapse prevention week.

We dealt with 4 themes; abandonment, rejection, inferiority and trauma which a person carries through their life and we learnt to deal with these themes and finally let go of them. Some problems can simply not be dealt with over a period of 6 weeks but we are never neglected. Extra counselling is scheduled. The 12 step programme has been an integral part of my recovery and has added structure and direction to my thus far, aimless life.

Eden literally saved me from certain unnecessary doom and I have found stable footing which to adventure back into life with. I can barely say thanks to this place, I can feel happy for days, not minutes at a time. I have the ‘tools’ as they call them, to handle life on life’s terms with confidence and curiosity, not fear and dis-interest.

This is just my testimonial, 1 patient. In the end, if you are uncertain, pull through and see for yourself. Eden could be your life saver just like it was mine.

Happily yours,

Unknown Panama

Three Hundred And Sixty Degrees

I arrived at ERC in August 2011, from Panama, with broken wings. My life had become so unmanageable and I was completely powerless over my addiction to alcohol.

I hit my rock bottom in Panama, a place I never thought I would ever reach (today for which I am grateful that I did). I was flown to South Africa by my mother and was delivered to the gates of Eden Recovery Centre. Due to a family intervention in Panama my extreme denial changed to extreme desperation to recover. I arrived at Eden Recovery Centre with an extremely positive attitude as I knew this was my only chance of survival. My counsellor was Cecily West, who took me under her wings on my journey of recovery.

I originally went to Eden Recovery Centre for the 6 week programme, as that was all the time I could afford away from my job in Panama, or SO I THOUGHT! My desperation to recover was crazy, 3 1/2 weeks into the programme I was almost done with Step 4 and had to have emergency brain surgery. I believe this was an intervention by my Higher Power as I was not ready to leave Eden Recovery Centre yet. While in ICU I had the first of many spiritual awakenings. Four days after my surgery I was back at Eden and ready for more.

I had to make a serious decision as I was unable to fly I decided to stay until Jan 2012, this meant that I would miss both my daughters birthdays, Christmas and New Year with my kids. I also lost my job due to my extended time away which now I see as a blessing in disguise. I had the most amazing temporary sponsor, who guided me through the steps which I completed and had the opportunity to carry the message and give back what was given to me freely.

I learnt through doing the next right thing my Higher Power blessed me in ways that I thought were impossible. Even while in Eden Recovery Centre, I started to receive job opportunities and the promises started to come true. Through my addiction I lost the privilege of my children living with me, all the consequences that I received during treatment were only given to me at the right stages of my spiritual development and I knew that God had bigger plans for me.

I left Eden Recovery Centre after 5 months, a free dove with wings to fly to heights I thought unreachable. My real recovery started once I was back in Panama, now I had to walk the walk not just talk the talk. My children were not allowed to stay with me or travel in a car with me; I gained this privilege back after a month just by keeping my side of the street clean. I did not work for 6 months, but always had exactly what I needed to survive nothing more nothing less.

I can truly say that Eden Recovery Centre turned my life around and I am grateful beyond belief to the team of counsellors, especially Cecily West, who gave me the best verbals every week which were exactly what I needed at each stage of my development. My best one was “out of every crisis comes an opportunity and I will hold onto that”.

I now have the most amazing job, I could not be happier; my life is filled with joy, happiness and freedom. I have 3 loving children who are so incredibly proud of me and fill my days with unconditional love. The fellowship in Panama is great and I have made some amazing friends.

I would love to shout from the rooftops “it works if you work it so work it you’re worth it!!!!” Eden, I will be forever grateful to you!

Unknown South Africa

All the stories you hear about rehabs are true. For sure they are just there to help you get better. I was literally screwed mentally, physically and emotionally. My life was going downhill very fast until my parents decided ‘rehab here we go’, and for a better rehab you could not ask for. Eden has everything you can possibly ask for.

They helped me with everything to get my health back on track – nice walks and the greatest foods. Mentally the counsellors sort you out in every possible way. They give attention to each person individually to the best humanly possible. I love my counsellor, she changed me for the better – the way I think, talk and even walk.

All the different people you meet here are your friends for life. Everybody tries to help you. You can either listen to them or just throw them a deaf ear, but then you will be back where you started.

Today I walk out of Eden a new man, feeling different, thinking different and cannot wait to live differently. I have Eden to thank for the rest of my life. It’s like you just met your second family. I’m going to leave you with this: “You are not a bad person getting good, you are a sick person getting better”

Unknown Johannesburg

Home Jerome!! Whoo haa!

Thanks to all the staff from Eden for sharing their wisdom, teaching and sharing their experiences. I have learned a lot and will carry the love, light and positivity with me (*wet eyes*). Special thanks to Cecily, for your encouragement, reinforcement and support through this difficult time! I am happy, ready and confident to leave with my newfound knowledge.


Karabo Unknown

My Experience at Eden Recovery Centre

My gosh! What a disocvery. The people, councillors and eventually being able to find those missing parts of me. I came here and embarked on a journey of pure discovery. My 1st stop was called detox.

I had to get all the drugs out of me. A week or two of frustration and misery, on top of that – anger,  but I know that I am free from agony. Let’s carry on finding the rest of me with extensive councilling and a side of listening. So my group – you guys are too cool. Even they gave me some councillling I needed. I thank you Eden for your wisdom and patience. No matter the colour, creed and size, every piece in this room has potentially saved a life. You saved mine! With all the councilling and listening I definitely came to a discovery of all those little parts that were missing. It all boils down to 2 weeks in simplicity. With that comes acceptance and responsibility. Thank you Eden

T Unkknown

To all at Eden – Staff/councillors/management

I was always apprehensive to come to a rehab due to the negative perceptions thereof. How wrong was I. On 8 March 2016 I decided to go to rehab for myself so that I could find myself once again. When googling rehabs, Eden came up among a whole list of other rehabs. One going through the website I knew that Eden was it. The place for me.

The first few days, I found it difficult to adjust, however thereafter I got into the routine and put my heart and soul ino the 12 steps. It took only a few days for me to realise that this programme was going to change my life. The secret was to be honest with myself and to search deep within me for my weaknesses. This I did by listening tho the councillors and their advice.

Leaving Eden I feel I have the tools to face the big “real”world once again. I have a clean slate to start on and a new chapter to write.  Now to everyone at Eden, thanks for caring. It’s your encouragement and guidance that I will always remember going forward on my journey in life. Steve, Lise, Trish, you have been wonderful and I shall always focus and think back to this turning point in my life. I thank God fro guiding me to Eden and I know he will look after me going forward.