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“Situated in the exclusive equestrian suburb of Glenferness, Kyalami.

 Eden is one of South Africa’s most deluxe recovery clinics – a safe haven for substance abuse victims”

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Cascading water features and lush gardens are the backdrop for these five-star accommodations; clients are met with pleasing interiors and spacious living areas. Bathrooms are state of the art with modern fittings. Décor is a mixture of both modern and chic with an emphasis on peaceful and serene environments, that equates to being a home away from home

Holistic treatment approach

The core principles of the treatment program are based on the Minnesota Treatment Model. Includes the 12 steps, Cognitive Behavior Therapy and accompanied by meditation, yoga, family counselling, group therapy, psychotherapy, psychiatric evaluations, spiritual guidance, life coaching, recovery coaching, fitness programs, music therapy, art therapy and horticultural therapy; all covered in a holistic approach to the treatment of substance use disorder.

Therapeutic goals

A combination of therapy and medication helps to ensure positive treatment outcomes. The goal of therapy is in helping patients to identify behaviours that led to their addiction, and to assist them in finding new ways of dealing with emotional and psychological challenges in future, without the use of substances.

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Sober Fitness: How physical exercise can help you on your journey of recovery

Sober Fitness: How physical exercise can help you on your journey of recovery

At Eden Recovery and Rehabilitation Centre we know how important physical exercise is to a recovering addict or alcoholic. These individuals have experienced a life full of destruction and unhealthy habits that directly affect their bodies. Many of them haven’t done physical exercise in years and are not planning on doing it. At Eden our […]

Relapse: Picking up my old habits

Relapse: Picking up my old habits

At Eden Recovery and Rehabilitation our dedicated team aim daily to help those who crave a second chance. Addiction as we know destroys many lives not just the addict’s. At Eden we believe that it is the addict infecting their bodies with their substance of choice. This selfish behaviour ultimately affects those around them, often […]

Toxic Relationships: A dysfunctional pattern that consumes your existence

Toxic Relationships: A dysfunctional pattern that consumes your existence

At Eden Recovery and Rehabilitation Centre we work with many forms of addiction. However what happens when a person is exposed to a toxic relationship. Many schools of thought agree that toxic relationships can potentially lead to addiction. At Eden we often see this phenomenon. However don’t be misguided by this statement. Addiction is not […]

What People Say


Toni G South Africa

Thank you Eden for giving me back life. Sitting here, writing this, I have so much to be grateful for. But most of all, I am grateful for another sober day. I am grateful for Eden and the unique treatment that treated me. For the councillors for being such wonderful people. For all the love and compassion bestowed on me. For the staff and all the truly wonderful people I met during my recovery – I am eternally grateful. Thank you for another sober day.


My name is Danny. I am 38 years old and I have used for about 14 years. Eden has been my fourth recovery centre and finally I have understood what recovery is about. Eden has eventually taught me that I cannot do this alone. I have met so many good people in recovery but some of the best I have met at Eden. The activities and lectures have really paid off. I did not get treated like a number but like a person. I felt loved and cared for, I have been guided in a positive direction and I can proudly say I am 35 days clean today. I felt great about my recovery and this is what I have wanted my whole life and ironically it has been in my face my whole life, I just have not used it until today. I thank Eden Recovery Centre for bringing peace in my life and allowing me to move forward in serenity.


Once upon a time, I was very down and depressed. I started experimenting with cocaine to help make me feel better, to suppress my appetite and to cope with life. Eight years later, my life had become so unmanageable that I couldn’t go a day without a drink or some form of drugs. I checked into an awesome recovery centre and now I’m proud to state that along with the amazing programme, I am fearless and clean! Thank you Eden!