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“An improved way of thinking will impact behaviour and lead to a more valuable, meaningful life.” Athy Le Roux, owner of Eden Recovery Centre.


We offer a comprehensive full-service rehab programme by a team of professionals that focus on the individual and adopting strong personal approach methodologies. Proven to be successful worldwide, these methods allow for in-depth assessments which will enable the counsellors to formulate a variety of treatment programmes that are perfectly suited to meet every individual’s addiction recovery needs. By giving each individual the attention they need we are able to move from treatment compliance to treatment engagement.

Because everyone’s story is unique

Our primary belief is that no single treatment is appropriate for everyone.  We believe that it is harmful to our clients if they are led to believe that if they don’t connect with the established approach and (therefore) don’t do well in treatment, it’s because of some personal failing.  A one-size-fits-all approach can be both ineffective and risky by forcing an addict into a particular plan that may not work for them and this can increase the chance of treatment failure and relapse.  We have discovered that the risk of relapse is increased where cookie cutter programmes don’t work. Recovering people come to believe that treatment is a waste of time and simply not for them.

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity

Since each individual will have different issues they want to work on and different triggers that will put them at a potential risk for a relapse, a customized treatment plan must be created to prevent relapse and promote a healthy and successful recovery.

More One-On-One

On study shows that there is a 60% increase in treatment success when individuals are given choices in treatment programs. Prominent addiction psychologist William Miller, PhD argues that this higher rate of success is because individuals who choose their own treatment program tend to own this choice and stay very committed to the program.

Not just 12 step, not just clinical or holistic, we have unique blended solutions

We believe we have harnessed the most successful aspects of treatments and combined them to form a winning formula for the individual.  Holistic treatment programmes offer a wide variety of activities that are designed to address the reasons underlying substance abuse.  We offer individualised health recovery plans designed by our medical and psychiatric professionals, individualised treatment, aftercare and follow up plans.

Individual Therapy Sessions – more one-on-one

We offer yoga, meditation, acupuncture, art therapy, physical exercise and other activities designed to enhance the mind-body connection, build self-esteem and support the whole body health.

Substance Abuse Treatment Plans must include mental health treatment

Many addicted individuals also have other mental disorders and treatment must address both, including the use of medications as appropriate.

We understand that medically assisted detoxification is only the first stage of addiction treatment and on its own does little to change long term drug abuse.  Treatment engagement is vital and starts at admission.

Special Services

On careful assessment we allow couples to attend treatment at the same time.  This is dependent on an ongoing evaluation and dependent an adherence to strict boundaries.  We have had a remarkable success rate with this unique approach.

Cutting edge treatment

Eden Recovery Centre is the first facility in South Africa to offer intervention programmes with regards to social media addictions and codeine addiction.

Relapse intervention for those who struggle with relapse

We have a programme that assists those who have been devastated by relapsing by focusing on their personal needs.

Dual diagnosis

Dual diagnosis stats and addiction.

Addiction and Social Media

Eden Recovery Centre is the first facility in South Africa to offer intervention programmes with regards to social media addictions and codeine addiction.

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