Bluetooth drug trends

We have to do it, otherwise we will not survive the cravings.” These are the words of a township teenager who finds himself at the deadly grasps of the merciless, trending drug called BlueTooth.

 The trending – BlueTooth drug, is tearing through South Africa’s streets and claiming victim after victim and raising the alarm on drug addiction in South Africa’s townships. Eden Recovery Centre explains that the highly addictive drug involves addicts exchanging blood through a syringe to share the high. A small bag of nyaope costs about R30 but is only enough for a single hit. So one person buys the drug and shares it with other addicts.

The process is quite simple but also extremely hazardous. One person injects himself with nyaope while another person draws blood from the veins of the high person and injects it into himself.

The BlueTooth drug method significantly increases chances of infection because hepatitis B and C, and HIV are easily transmitted between addicts who use needles.

The drug has also caused a lot of concern among people who fear it will increase the AIDS epidemic in South Africa because HIV is spread through blood and other body fluids.

Eden Recovery Centre asks the question, how do we assist? What can we do to put an end to this “trending” drug that is taking our townships by storm and ultimately leading to increased poverty, disease and destruction? We need to cast more light on the reality of the situation so that it doesn’t go unnoticed… people need to understand that this is not a drug to take lightly.” says Athy from Eden Recovery Centre.

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