5 Reasons Why We Experience Drinker’s Guilt

Did I say something stupid? Did I behave like an idiot? Did I offend anyone? Did I ruin my image? Is everyone mad at me? These are the kinds of thoughts that plague people who suffer from drinker’s guilt. Some people can wake up after a night of debauchery and drink some coffee, eat some bacon and move on with their day. Other people pay for the night before, so intensely that they promise themselves never to drink again, every time. Why do some of us wake up with a moral hangover even when we didn’t do anything to deserve it? These are five reasons you suffer from hangxiety:

  1. You’ve “Let Yourself Down”

While cutting back on drinking might not have been a forefront plan, knowing that you drank a lot means that you willingly crossed a line the night before, forfeiting the following day. Basically, you’re mad at last night’s self for putting this morning’s self in trouble.

  1. You’ve Jeopardized Your Health

The second you wake up in the morning and feel that soreness behind your eyes, the dryness in your mouth, the slosh of acid in your stomach and the ache in your joints, you know you’re hungover. Once you’ve made that assessment, you immediately become disappointed with yourself for not taking better care of yourself.

  1. You’ve Had Too Much To Drink

The more you drink, the worse you feel. That’s science. Sometimes the anxiety you feel in the morning is an added alert you’re giving yourself to let yourself know that you’re drinking too much. The anxiety acts as a self service almost, wedging its way between you and your drinking habits. It tries to deter you from drinking away your hangover from last night. The anxiety tries to steer you onto a different path.

  1. Dehydration Makes You Anxious

Alcohol reduces the amount of “anti-diruectic” hormones in your body, meaning it lets your body rid itself of much more water than it does when you’re sober. Your bathroom breaks are leaving you dehydrated. The effects of dehydration in the body lead to more than thirstiness and headaches — it can also lead to faintness, dizziness and confusion.

  1. You’re Drinking The Wrong Drinks

Drinks with higher congener content like bourbon, scotch, dark beers and red wines will leave you with stronger hangovers. The high sugar content on top of the dehydrating effects of alcohol are going to seriously mess with your blood sugar, which will only add to the amount of panic and cloudiness you will experience in the morning. So if you want to drink but you don’t want to deal with the morning freak out, drink light, low-sugar drinks, punctuated by lots of replenishing water, and try not to overdo it.

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