Did you know alcoholism is a progressive disease?

Alcoholism is recognized by most people today as a disease, however not as many people recognize it as a progressive disease.

This simply means that slowly over time, alcohol gradually gains control of the drinker’s life. It may have started in a subtle way, but it eventually takes over every part of the alcoholic’s life. At Eden Recovery Centre, most visitors claim that their drinking problems escalated over time, and not overnight.

Although the alcoholic does not always recognize the progression in his disease, it is obvious to others that his drinking has progressed and now negatively affects his work, his relationships, his decision-making and his general quality of life and seeks help and recovery. He does not notice the gradual change from the occasional drinking binge to regular abuse and now full blown dependence on alcohol.

At Eden Recovery Centre, we recognise that the disease is chronic in that there is no cure. Progressive in that it gets worse over time. At the age of 18 an Alcoholic may have some control with the occasional laps into drunken behavior but as time passes the incidents of loss of control become more frequent and the behavior more destructive. At Eden Rehabilitation Centre, we teach visitors this in recovery, so they are aware their addiction didn’t happen rapidly.

The problem with alcohol, is that it gets its claws into you slowly over time. Eventually it becomes so strong, that reputation, personal care, family and career are sacrificed and an alcoholic will continue to drink despite serious health, family, or legal problems.

Those who use alcohol may begin to show early signs of a problem, then progress to showing symptoms of alcohol abuse; if drinking continues, they may later show symptoms of alcoholism or alcohol dependence.

If you are concerned that your drinking or that of a loved ones is progressing and out of control, please get in touch with us. For information on Eden Recovery Centre’s Treatment Programmes and advice, please feel free to contact the Eden Recovery Centre. You can depend on full discretion

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